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I'm Zera, a makeup artist born in Pakistan, seasoned in Dubai, and refined in the vibrant world of makeup artistry. Inspired by the enchanting characters of Cirque du Soleil, I decided to embark on a career in makeup at the age of 18. After completing my makeup course in Dubai and gaining practical experience, I further developed my skills in Vancouver, Canada.

My journey has been shaped by unexpected opportunities, guiding me along diverse and exciting paths. At 24, found myself in the world of feature films, taking on the role of head of makeup. This turned out to be a defining moment, uncovering my passion for feature films.

Over the last 22 years, I've worked on productions in the UAE, Pakistan, Cyprus, Canada and Lebanon. With a knack for adapting to various genres, I've served as a makeup designer for comedy, horror, drama, science fiction, and action films.

My experience extends to crowd supervision on international projects, including notable films like Dune 2, Star Trek Beyond, Fast and Furious 7, Mission Impossible, and 6 Underground. Navigating both as a makeup designer and a crowd supervisor on large-scale international productions has earned me recognition in the film community.

In a world where makeup tells stories, my journey is marked by passion, dedication, and an innate talent for transformation. With every film, I strive to leave my mark on the screen, capturing the essence of storytelling through the art of makeup.

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